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    "I've been looking for a doctor that thinks outside the box when it comes to my health and the way the system is set up. I really appreciate being treated so well."

    Bridgette G.
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    "I have been several times and the staff and medical team are wonderful. Very reasonable!"

    Vicki L.
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    "I would opt to use has Grassroots even if I had insurance. They are the most caring doctors and I feel safe taking my family to them. They are extremely affordable."

    Kerri T.
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    "I was in desperate need to be seen due to an unexpected issue, so as a walk-in, I was seen, treated, and sent on my way with answers and scripts in about an hour"

    Michael G.
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    "A great example of how much she cared, she would not prescribe me a particular medicine that was highly addictive until she made sure I I knew the side effects/dangers."

    Robn K.
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    "I have complicated health issues that a lot of conventional doctors have not been able to help me with. These doctors look at the whole picture."

    Diana R.
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    "After 4 years of misery, over a dozen trips to the ER, dozens of doctors, and 2 dermatologists, Dr. Tate was the one that finally discovered the problem!"

    Dana S.


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