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We do not accept Patient insurance.

Grassroots Healthcare provides comprehensive medical care to residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The holistic and natural medicine approach offered by experienced physician Melita Tate, MD, and board-certified nurse practitioners Monica Winford APRN, and Kyndol Ray , APRN-CNP, allows the medical team to prioritize your health and wellness.

Patients benefit from management for serious, long-term health concerns like diabetes and thyroid conditions. The holistic-focused practice also welcomes people dealing with mood disorders and weight management needs. If you have an urgent health issue, like a high fever, stomach distress, or an unexplained skin rash, the team can schedule you for immediate care.

The practice welcomes people with no insurance or a high deductible and offers them affordable, quality medical care. Additionally, Grassroots Healthcare provides a corporate health program that allows employers to offer practical health care options to employees.

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Aesthetic Treatments

Give us a call to find out about our aesthetic treatments. We offer laser hair removal, botox, and more.

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If you have no insurance or a high deductible, we are able to offer you the best pricing and most affordable, high quality healthcare.

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Employee Health Plan

Does your company struggle to provide healthcare options for it's employees? Tell them about our employee health plan! This pairs great with no insurance or high deductible insurances! We are open to different pay options and you can meet with Dr. Tate directly to go over what we can offer you!

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Words from our patients

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    "I've been looking for a doctor that thinks outside the box when it comes to my health and the way the system is set up. I really appreciate being treated so well."

    Bridgette G.
  • Google

    "I have been several times and the staff and medical team are wonderful. Very reasonable!"

    Vicki L.
  • Google

    "I would opt to use has Grassroots even if I had insurance. They are the most caring doctors and I feel safe taking my family to them. They are extremely affordable."

    Kerri T.
  • Google

    "I was in desperate need to be seen due to an unexpected issue, so as a walk-in, I was seen, treated, and sent on my way with answers and scripts in about an hour"

    Michael G.
  • Yelp

    "A great example of how much she cared, she would not prescribe me a particular medicine that was highly addictive until she made sure I I knew the side effects/dangers."

    Robn K.
  • Google

    "I have complicated health issues that a lot of conventional doctors have not been able to help me with. These doctors look at the whole picture."

    Diana R.
  • facebook

    "After 4 years of misery, over a dozen trips to the ER, dozens of doctors, and 2 dermatologists, Dr. Tate was the one that finally discovered the problem!"

    Dana S.


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