Understanding How Nutritional Supplements Support Your Health

Understanding How Nutritional Supplements Support Your Health

Nothing can replace a healthy, whole foods, balanced diet. But it’s not always possible to get all the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins you need from food alone. That’s where nutritional supplements come in. 

At Grassroots Healthcare, our team of board-certified providers works to improve the overall health of our patients in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We help patients feel better with fewer or no drugs using natural medicine, which may include nutritional supplements.

Here’s a closer look at how nutritional supplements support your health.

Understanding nutritional supplements

You take dietary supplements by mouth. They come in different forms, including tablets, gummies, capsules, powders, pills, and liquids. 

These products have ingredients designed to supplement your diet, like:

You can find the ingredients on the packaging. This also tells you what other ingredients are in the supplements, like flavors or fillers. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate supplements the way it does drugs. That means there’s no guarantee the label is accurate. Talk to your Grassroots Healthcare provider before taking any supplement.

How nutritional supplements support your health

Supplements cannot replace a healthy, balanced diet. If you struggle with dietary choices, talk to your Grassroots Healthcare provider. Our team can help you improve your nutrient intake through foods. 

Food alone doesn’t always give you all the nutrients you need. Factors outside of diet can affect your nutritional status. Having certain health conditions, being pregnant, aging, and more can all play a role. 

For example, as we get older, it’s normal to need more of certain vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D and calcium supplements can support and strengthen aging bones. Some benefits of supplements include helping you:

At Grassroots Healthcare, our providers use supplements to assist in the treatment of different chronic medical conditions, including obesity, thyroid conditions, hypertension, diabetes, adrenal fatigue, mental fog, and more. 

Selecting nutritional supplements

You should know that not all nutritional supplements are created equal. Taking too many or the wrong nutritional supplements can spell trouble for your health. And some supplements interact with medications or affect health conditions. 

Your Grassroots Healthcare provider first reviews your overall health. We talk to you about any health issues, symptoms, or concerns you have. 

Your provider then identifies any nutrient deficiencies you have to give you personalized supplement recommendations. Our recommendations help improve your health. 

You can get safe, high-quality supplements from your provider at Grassroots Healthcare. You can also ask your provider to look at supplements you currently take. Remember: Supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA like drugs. Make sure the supplements you take are good quality and the best for your health. 

Interested in learning which nutritional supplements can support your health? Schedule an appointment online or over the phone at Grassroots Healthcare in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

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