5 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Boost Your Overall Health

5 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Boost Your Overall Health

Everyone knows how important it is to stay healthy. But when you lead a really busy life, finding time to care for yourself can feel overwhelming. The good news: Staying healthy doesn’t have to take a lot of time and effort. Sometimes, all it takes are a few simple changes to your regular activities to give your health and wellness a much-needed boost.

At Grassroots Healthcare, Melita Tate, MD and her team focus on holistic, natural healthcare, working with each patient to help them fine-tune their habits — and develop new ones — aimed at improving their health and wellness. In this post, they offer five simple things you can do to boost your health without a lot of effort.

#1: Eat something!

Too many of us think eating healthy means chowing down on bland, flavorless foods. But there are plenty of healthy food choices that are delicious, too. Do a quick search for “Mediterranean diet recipes,” and you’ll see what we mean.

If cooking’s not your thing, takeout works, too. Look farther than the usual burger and pizza joints, and find some local eateries with healthy eating options. Or get the best of both worlds, and sign up for a healthy meal-delivery plan to learn some new recipes without the hassle of grocery shopping. 

#2: Be more active — without breaking a sweat

You don’t need to join a gym to get the benefits of physical exercise. In fact, the American Heart Association says you only need about 30 minutes of exercise each day to help your heart stay healthy. Taking a walk after lunch or dinner is a great way to get that half hour, but so is gardening, taking a bike ride, or walking the dog to your local park a couple times a day. 

#3: Catch some more Zs

Sleep isn’t just a “cure” for fatigue — it’s also the time when our bodies regenerate and rejuvenate. Most of us don’t get the 7-8 hours of nightly sleep we need, and that can put us at an increased risk of developing serious health problems, like heart attack, stroke, and obesity.

To improve your own sleep routine, try these tips:

It’s also important to choose a regular bedtime and wake-up time — and stick to them.

#4: Hang out with friends

Maybe you’re a social butterfly, maybe you prefer your own company or just hanging out with family. However you roll, maintaining some type of regular contact with others is important for your emotional health.

Try volunteering for a cause that inspires you, or join a book club — in person or online. Not only will you connect with other like-minded folks, but you’ll be participating in something that matters to you.

#5: Pick up a hobby

Managing your stress level is really important for your health, but learning to meditate or do yoga — two effective suggestions — just doesn't always work for everyone. As it turns out, lots of hobbies provide ample stress relief: reading, listening to music, or creating something with your hands are all good examples that most people enjoy.

Bonus tip: Schedule a physical

Having an annual physical is one of the best things you can do for your health, especially as you get older. Annual physicals provide an ongoing record of your health, and they also give Dr. Tate and her team the opportunity to make recommendations for healthy lifestyle changes tailored to your routine. 

To schedule an office visit with Dr. Tate at her Tulsa, Oklahoma, practice, call or book an appointment online today. 

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